During the sixth and seventh centuries, the inhabitants of the modern-day states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in North-western India developed a method of gaining access to clean, fresh groundwater during the dry season for drinking, bathing, watering animals and irrigation.

However, the significance of this invention — the stepwell — goes beyond its utilitarian application. It was built by Queen Udayamati during the late 11th century, but became silted up following a flood during the 13th century. At 65 metres long, 20 metres wide and 27 metres deep, Rani Ki Vav features distinct sculptures carved into niches throughout the monument, depicting gods such as Vishnu and Parvati in various incarnations.

Incredibly, in Januarythis ancient structure survived a devastating earthquake that measured 7.


Step 4: Now read for keywords and alternative to keywords. Examples of ancient stepwells can be found all over the world. During the sixth and seventh centuriesthe inhabitants of the modern-day states of Gujarat and Rajasthan in North-western India developed a method of gaining access to clean, fresh groundwater during the dry season for drinking, bathing, watering animals and irrigation. Stepwells had a range of function s, in addition to those related to water collection.

The few existing stepwells in Delhi are more attractive than those found elsewhere. Some were located in or near villages as public spaces for the community; others were positioned beside roads as resting places for travellers.

It took workers many years to build the stone steps characteristic of stepwells. As their name suggests, stepwells comprise a series of stone steps descending from ground level to the water source normally an underground aquifer as it recedes following the rains.

When the water level was high, the user needed only to descend a few steps to reach it; when it was low, several levels would have to be negotiated. The number of steps above the water level in a stepwell altered during the course of a year. Which part of some stepwells provide d shade for people?

Others are more elaborate, with long stepped passages leading to the water via several storeys built from stone and supported by pillars, they also included pavilions that sheltered visitors from the relentless heat…. What type of serious climatic eventwhich took place in southern Rajasthanis mentioned in the article? The terraces house small, intricately carved shrines between the sets of steps.

Now, the question is- what thing produce geometric pattern? Hey, there! I hope my comment will be helpful to make this awesome website even better! Log in to leave a comment. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. Tuesday, July 14, Get help. Create an account. DxSchool Blog. Unique to the region, stepwells are often architecturally complex and vary widely in size and shape. During their heyday, they were places of gathering, of leisure, of relaxation and of worship for villagers of all but the lowest castes.Sitting at home because of Covid?

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Performance on vocabulary words: No of characters: Chars per words: 5. Unique words percentage: 0. A sentence or a clause, phrase starts by: Pronoun: 4. Article: 3. Conjunction: 0. Performance on sentences: How many sentences: Sentence Length is relatively short. Sentence length SD: Paragraphs: 4. Sentences with negative sentiment : 0.

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Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Summarize the infor 73 Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programmes for examples working for a charity, improving the neighbourhood or teaching sports to younger children.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Write about the following topic:The internet has dramatically altered our lives over the past few decades. Although some of these changes have been negative the overall effect of this technology has been posi 56 Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.

What other measures do you think might be effective? Write an essay by this topic. Read full essay.IELTS reading passage solution, tips and tricks with answer key. P4, L Crops would be produced all year round seasonsas they would be kept in artificially controlled, optimum growing conditions.

P4, L There would be no weather-related climate change crop failures damage due to droughtsfloods or pests. This line means some corps damage by climate condition like — drought, flood etc. Or, P3, L Massive floods, long droughts, hurricanes and severe monsoons Climate Change take their toll each year, destroying damage millions of tons of valuable crops.

P4, L All the food could be grown organicallyeliminating the need for herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. P4, L The system would greatly reduce less likely the incidence affected of many infectious diseases that are acquired at the agricultural interface.

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Keywords in questions. Similar words in the passage.So, the statement is TRUE. Keywords: afterreduction, population. Keywords: make beer, home Beer is mentioned in paragraphs C and E. Keywords: effects, anxiety We need to find out some information about anxiety. Keywords: techniques, socially-disadvantaged children. If they merely make fewer errors, then we can shorten the practice.

Keywords: benefits, support from relatives. Keywords: learnt a considerable amount. Keywords: rely on, produce impressive grades, tests. We need to find out why people do not go to museums to read original manuscripts of novels. This means that the copies have the same size as the original novel.

Such paintings were never intended to be displayed in that way. Keywords: art history, meaning of art, media.

Keywords: art historians, conflicts, art museums. Keywords: reproductions, sold, high quality. In the last paragraph, the writer mentions high-quality reproductions of fine art and states that the public should have access to them, but no reference is made to the sale of such reproductions. Paragraph A.

Afterthere was a reduction in population in Britain Keywords: afterreduction, population.


People in Britain used to make beer at home. The tax on malt indirectly caused a rise in the death rate. Less time can be spent on exercises with gifted pupils who produce accurate work.

Self-reliance is a valuable tool that helps gifted students reachtheir goals.


Gifted children know how to channel their feelings to assist their learning. The very gifted child benefits from appropriate support from close relatives. Really successful students have learnt a considerable amount about their subject.

Teachers who rely on what is known as….

cam 10 test 1 reading answers

People go to art museums because they accept the value of seeing an original work of art. However, in historical times, artists such as Leonardo were happy to instruct 29…. Keywords: artists, instruct, copies. Art history should focus on discovering the meaning of art using a range of media. The approach of art historians conflicts with that of art museums. Reproductions of fine art should only be sold to the public if they are of high quality.

In the future, those with power are likely to encourage more people to enjoy art.Bats are not the only creatures to face this difficulty today. Both sides in the Second World Warrelied heavily on these devices, under such codenames as Asdic British and Sonar…, which uses radio echoes rather than sound echoes.

In addition. Therefore, the most suitable heading for this paragraph should be xi: a description of ancient water supplies. Here we should focus on the bold words to realise that the main content of the text is that the increasing demand of water has been met. Looking back at the heading list, the most suitable heading should be iii, How a global challenge was met.

The main points in this paragraph relate to dangers to health as the result of a lack of clean water. So we can infer that the text is possibly going to talk about a downward trend in water demand.

In these ways, the new projects should have higher standards in order to protect local people and their environment. Therefore the most suitable heading should be x, The need to raise standards. Keywords: Modern, imitate, ancient Greeks and Romans From these key words, it can be inferred that description of water systems could only be found in paragraph C. Whether these modern water systems copy those of ancient Greece and Rome is not stated. In fact, the demand has slowed.

Keywords: future, government, ownership, water infrastructures Information relating to government and water infrastructures can only be found in paragraphs H and E. Therefore, there is no information indicating whether governments should maintain ownership of water infrastructures or not. A particular technique for learning based on emotions and D. Ways of learning which are not traditional. However, answer B focuses only one technique — based on emotions — while according to the above text, the book deals not only with emotions but also the effect of imagination and the unconscious on learning.

Therefore the answer is D: ways of learning which are not traditional. Therefore, these examples support the idea that his theory is valid. In suggestopedia, as he called his method, consciousness is shifted away from the curriculum to focus on something peripheral. The curriculum then become peripheral and is dealt with by the reserve capacity of the brain.

Therefore the most suitable answer is C: Think about something other than the curriculum content. So, the music is only one difference, there are two other variables. The students… focus on using the language to communicate e. Such methods are not unusual in language teaching. There is no mention of any benefit to the memory of students.

cam 10 test 1 reading answers

Keywords: Teachers, prefer, suggestopedia, traditional Information relating to suggestopedia and traditional approaches can only be found in paragraph 6 and in the final paragraph. However, in paragraph 6 we learn only the task of the teacher in the suggestopedia approach.

Like any placebo, it must be dispensed with authority to be effective.The statement is TRUE. There is no specific information about either visitor spending or resident spending in the text. In this passage, the author does not mention whether leaves which turn colours other than red are more likely to be damaged by sunlight. In paragraph I, we read that some trees do not waste energy to produce red leaves, they simply show their natural orange or yellow colours, but no more information is given.

No-one has found one of their canoes or any rigging, which could reveal how the canoes were sailed.

Cambridge IELTS 11: Test 1 – Reading Passage 1 Solution

Nor do the oral histories and traditions of later Polynesians offer any insights, for they turn into myths long before they reach as far back in time as the Lapita. This is what would have made the whole thing work. This means that whether the Lapita could sail into a prevailing wind has not been verified yet. So, the statement is true. Fiji is only mentioned in paragraph In some cases answer is so hard although all comment seem to me easy.

The largest employment figures in the world are found in the travel and tourism industry. Keywords: largest figures, employment, tourism. Tourism contributes over six per cent of the Australian gross national product. Keywords: tourism, 6 per cent, Australian gross national product. Tourism has a social impact because it promotes recreation. Keywords: two features, economic significance, difficult. Visitor spending is always greater than the spending of residents in tourist areas. Keywords: visitor spending, greater, resident spending.

It is easy to show statistically how tourism affects individual economies. Keywords: easy, statistically, affect economies. Keywords: a theory, purpose, red leaves. Keywords: function, chlorophyll.

cam 10 test 1 reading answers

Keywords: red colouration, warning signal. The …. Keywords: surfaces, most red pigment. Red leaves are most abundant when daytime weather conditions are….

The intensity of the red colour of leaves increases as you go further…. It is likely that the red pigments help to protect the leaf from freezing temperatures.